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Nyack High School Chamber Orchestra

We practice allllllllll day.

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This is a livejournal for the members of the Nyack High School Chamber Orchestra.



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fall/winter 2005: geronator, matchew, michy, del, iniba the amoeba, aileen, leonardo, taytay, marcus, jamie, da mon, mr. lopez, seb, genevieve, emily, alexander, jake, thaddeus the baddeus, amanda, julie, casey

spring 2005: g, rachizzle, matchew, michy, del, iniba the amoeba, aileen, lenard-o, taytay, jamie, stew, chocho da moo, changsta, flamin' damon, seb, ad, emily, danney, thaddeus, xander, julie, casey

2006: G-unit, mathew luaro, michy, del, iniba, aileen, taylor levesskee, cho, lenny, marcus "gamba", jamie, k.changsta, da mon, seb, adrian, gen, emily, alex, jakie, thaddeus baddeus, amanda, julie, casey

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This community is made by violinist Michelle and cellist Emily. Because we have no lives.